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Mud Pie Corn Fed Ceramic Corn Holder Dish Corn Holder Dish

"Corn Fed"
3" x 8.5"

Our Price: $8.00
Mud Pie corn picks Corn Picks Set

Set of 4
Vintage inspired stamped silverplate
"fresh picked", "corn bread", "butter me up", "aww shucks"

Our Price: $18.00
Mud Pie Deer Dip Set Deer Dip Dish

2 Piece Set
Cast Iron Deer
Ceramic Ramekin (1.5" x 3")

Our Price: $19.00
Mud Pie Circa Jam Jar Set Circa Jam Jar Set

3 Piece Set
Lidded Ceramic Jar-"Let's Jam"
Silverplate Spreader-"Holy Strawberries We Are In A Jam"

Our Price: $29.00
Mud Pie Mango Wood Board with metal corkscrew Small Corkscrew Board

Mango wood board with decorative metal corkscrew
Round 11" x 18" diameter
Square 10.5" x 8"

Our Price: $32.00
Spreader Trivet


Our Price: $36.00
Mud Pie Acorn Cutting Board & Dip Set Acorn Cutting Board & Dip Set

2 Piece Set
Mango Wood Cutting Board
Ceramic Ramekin

Our Price: $49.00
Feast Carving Board

Mango Wood
12 x 20

Our Price: $49.00
Mud Pie Pine Bough Double Dip Dish Pine Bough Double Dip

Cast Aluminum
5.5" x 12.5"

Our Price: $49.00
Mud Pie brownie baker 2 piece set Brownie Baker Set

2 Piece Set
Baker 10" x 10" with "Life is what you bake it"
Silverplate Server 9" x 2" with "Brownie Points"
Oven safe to 350 degrees

Our Price: $49.00
Mud Pie Mango Wood eat cutting board Eat Cutting Board

Mango wood
Aluminum "eat" inset
8" x 13"

Our Price: $49.00
Badash Crystal Antique Gold Footed Cakeplate Gold Cakeplate

Antique Gold
13 in.

Our Price: $79.00
Happy Turkey Time Platter

Platter with Serving Fork

Our Price: $79.00
Mikasa Crystal 12 inch Avenue Centerpiece Platter Avenue Centerpiece Platter

Centerpiece Platter by Mikasa
12" Diameter

Our Price: $87.00
Badash Crystal Galaxy Cakeplate Galaxy Cake Plate

Badash Crystal
12 in.

Our Price: $99.00